Research and Policy Advocacy

CUPS is creating an infrastructure that helps us to be more effective in applying and contributing to ongoing research on the science of brain-building and resilience. One way that we do this is by documenting the impact of integrated care plans using an assessment tool called the CUPS Resiliency Matrix. We’re also building an advocacy platform that will reduce barriers for people who need services.

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The Brain Story

CUPS applies scientific knowledge about brain development to address the past, understand the present and improve the future. This body of knowledge is called The Brain Story.

The Brain Story is the result of years of research on brain development and how it shapes our physical and mental well-being. CUPS was the first social agency in Alberta to use the Brain Story as the foundation for our strategy and our services. Now, other social agencies are following suit.

Building better brains
The Brain Story tells us that healthy brain architecture is the foundation for healthy life outcomes. It also tells us that ongoing trauma and adversity, especially early in life, can prevent us from developing healthy brain architecture. This increases our risk for negative outcomes later in life, including depression, heart disease, addiction, unstable relationships and insecure housing—to name a few.

Ongoing research
This important body of knowledge was developed by a multi-disciplinary, cross-sector team of scientists and experts from the Harvard Center on the Developing Child and the National Scientific Council on the Developing Child.

Meet Our Partners

Just as supportive communities help brains develop healthy architecture, strong partnerships help CUPS expand our knowledge and strengthen our community projects.

Change In Mind

CUPS is a cohort organization
Change in Mind is a three-year joint initiative between the Alliance for Strong Families and Communities and the Alberta Family Wellness Initiative. The goal of the initiative is to demonstrate how effective the non-profit sector can be at infusing brain science into program practices, and at using this science to progress larger system and policy change. Along with four other Albertan organizations and 10 American NGOs, CUPS is a Change In Mind cohort organization. We’re taking this opportunity to improve outcomes for children, families and individuals, and increase the overall well-being of the Calgary community.

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Collaborative for Health and Home

CUPS served as a committee member
In 2015, CUPS participated in this committee of more than 25 homeless-serving agencies and interested stakeholders in Calgary, including Alberta Health Services, Human Services and the Calgary Police Service. The committee made recommendations for addressing the gaps in service for the most vulnerable of Calgary’s homeless population. It made seven recommendations to improve the way the city meets the long-term needs of homeless individuals struggling with addictions and other mental health issues.

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